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Internet Trully Unlimited

Why chose our services?, the answer is simple, regardless of the package you choose will give you unlimited downloads, we do not restrict the use of the Internet nor reduce speed after some time of usage. Fair prices, no hidden fees and with the best customer service and technical support. Ideal for video or Internet TV. Enjoy your favorite TV shows without interruptions and without paying more.

Unlimited Internet , fully compatible with any video platform

Internet 10

Download 10 Mbps
Upload 1 Mbps
Fibre- FTTN (Fibre - Cable) $43.93/month

Internet 15

Download 15 Mbps
Upload 1 Mbps
Fibre - Cable

Internet 25

Download 25 Mbps
Upload10 Mbps
Fibre- FTTN

Internet 30

Download 30 Mbps
Upload 5 Mbps
Fibre - Cable

Internet 50

Download 50 Mbps
Upload 10 Mbps
Fibre - FTTN

Internet 60

Download 60 Mbps
Upload 10 Mbps
Fibre - Cable

Installation charges:

It would depend on the package that you chose, from $69,95 to $99.95.. We do not hide any of our fees. Our policy is complete transparency with our customers.


You can bring your modem and/or router if they are compatible with our technology. If you desire to rent them the cost is $8/Month with WIFI equipment included.